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    The Contacts

    We work with many specialist law firms who have a proven track record of achieving successful results for their clients and providing expert legal advice.

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    Our experience has shown that by using the best experts in their field you will be more likely to achieve successful outcomes.

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    The know-how

    We have extensive knowledge across a wide spectrum of legal issues which allows us to ensure that you receive specialist advice from an experienced solicitor.

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    The clout

    We are the UK's leading legal broker and will do our upmost to support you in obtaining a resolution for you or your company.

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We match your needs with the best solicitors and lawyers in the UK

Temple Legal Solutions is owned and managed by Temple Legal Protection Limited – the experts in legal expenses insurance. As our parent company, the firm writes over £50 million per year in insurance business, exclusively within the legal sector.

With many years' experience in the UK Legal sector, we have extensive knowledge of a wide variety of legal claims. We have also built up long and successful relationships with hundreds of experienced law firms throughout the country. This puts us in the position to be able to:

  • Assess your claim  based on our specialist expertise 
  • Put you in touch with a legal expert with the relevant experience

Our Principles – How we chose lawyers and solicitors

  • We only work with firms of UK lawyers and solicitors with a proven track record of success
  • We only work with firms UK lawyers and solicitors with a high standard of customer service
  • We will deal with your enquiry professionally and promptly

Our Value – The price of our service

  • We will not make a charge for the initial consideration of your legal dispute or problem
  • If your legal issue involves litigation we will only charge you for our service in the event of your legal action being successful
  • We will make endeavour to ensure that our service is priced fairly in accordance with both the complexity and value of your particular legal issue.