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What is the cost of suing someone?

We understand that you might be concerned about what UK legal costs entail. Temple Legal Solutions does not charge an initial fee to consider your dispute or legal issue. Most solicitors will also assess your case without charge. If the solicitor agrees that you have a strong claim and you decide to pursue it, there may be costs to pay. Your legal representation will discuss the options for funding your legal dispute or issue with you personally.

What are the legal costs if I win?

If you win your case, you will usually be entitled to damages unless the nature of the dispute involves a remedy such as specific performance or relief (e.g. injunctions). You will also usually be entitled to recover some or all of the following:

You will generally be required to pay the following from the damages received:

What are the legal costs if I lose?

Similarly if you lose a case then the costs listed above will be what is paid to the other side. If you have not obtained insurance, you will be personally liable for these costs.

Solicitors’ fees

Solicitors offer a variety of ways of calculating their fees. This can include:

  • A fixed fee
  • Percentage of the value of your claim
  • Hourly rate based on how much time is spent working on the case

What if my legal issue does not involve litigation (suing someone)?

If you are seeking an alternative legal service which does not involved litigation the fees are more likely to be fixed or based on an hourly rate for the work provided please contact us and we can put you in touch with a specialist lawyer.